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Lou Reid & Carolina CD – Sounds Like Heaven To Me


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Lou Reid – mandolin. Christy Reid – bass guitar. Shannon Slaughter – guitar

Trevor Watson – banjo. Ron Stewart – fiddle ... guest



God’s Front Porch was written by Dennis Duff.

Finally Made it Home was written by Stan Dailey.

Carry Me was written by Dennis Duff.

Missionary Good Book Man – Camp Rushing.

It’s Hard To Stumble When You’re Down On Your Knees was written by

Shannon Slaughter, Mike Kelly and Dale Felts.

John In The Jordan was written by William L. Golden Jr.

Daddy Tried was written by Dennis Duff.

Pick It Up was written by Stan Dailey.

Sunday’s Best was written by Dennis Duff.

Sweet By And By – Public Domain.

Mama was written by Matt Lindsey, Michael Keith & Dave Lindsey.

Over In The Promised Land was written by Ray Edwards, Phil Hall & Larry Cox.

Lord Have Mercy On My Soul was written by Lou Reid & T. Michael Coleman.

God’s Plan was written by Harley Allen & Bobby Carmichael.


Project released in 2010 on Rural Rhythm Records.


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