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Larry Sparks CD - I Don’t Regret A Mile


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Larry Sparks, Jackie Kincaid, Josh McMurry, Mike Feagan

Larry D. Sparks, Ron Stewart, Jeff Brown



Something Going On In The Graveyard was written by Gerald Crabb.

If God Came Tomorrow was written by Connie Leigh.

They Know was written by Homer Jackson.

Just An Old Country Preacher was written by Marshal Warwick.

Get On Up was written by Greg Preece.

Jesus Walks Ahead Of Me was written by Bruce Jackson.

A Brand New Song was written by Homer Jackson.

The Dying Drunkards Request was written by Connie Leigh, Buddy Cannon & Larry Shell.

What Kind Of Man was written by Larry Sparks.

I Don’t Regret A Mile (a cappella) was written by Rusty Goodman.


Larry Sparks is a bluegrass – bluegrass gospel artist based in Greensburg, Indiana.

Larry has a unique style often referred to as Blue Sparks. His band is know as

The Lonesome Ramblers. Album was released in 2008

on Sparks Music Records.


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