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Dale Ann Bradley – Send The Angels


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Dale Ann Bradley – guitar. Vicki Simmons - bass guitar

Michael Cleveland – fiddle. Jesse Brock - mandolin

Tom Adams - banjo


Guests: Allison Kraus, Ben Isaacs, Steve Gulley, Adam Steffey

 Rob Ickes and Dan Tyminiski.



Send The Angels Down was written by Jerry Salley & Sheila Stephens.

Mary Rocked The Rock was written by Jeff Hovis.

Long Lonesome Road was written by David Marshall.

Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone was written by David Marshall.

Crosses And Stones was written by Jerry Salley.

Daddy Did His Best was written by Jerry Chestnut.

Walking In The Spirit was written by David Marshall.

The Masters Hand was written by Dolly Parton.

It Was His Love was written by Ben Marshall.

Nothing Can Hold Me Here was written by Mike Payne.

The Masters Plan was written by Vicki Simmons.


This album was released in 2004 on Mountain Home Records.

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