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The Churchmen CD - I’ll Be Long Gone


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Gerald Harbour-mandolin. Keith Clark-upright bass

David Guthrie-guitar. Freddy Rakes-banjo

Tim Smith-fiddle



 Dale Perry-banjo & David Coffey-resonator guitar.




Only Yours was written by David Guthrie.

I’ll Be Long Gone was written by David Guthrie and Jason Barie.

Back To The Cross was written by Jesse May Martin.

I’m Not Alone was written by David Guthrie.

In My Darkest Hour was written by Jason Barie.

Are You Lost In Sin was written by Jim and Jesse McReynolds.

Jesus My Mother And Me was written by David Guthrie.

Final Harvest  was written by Josh Manning.

Take Me In The Lifeboat was written by Frank Southern.

Rocked On The Deep ... not available.

Smooth Road was written by Rick Pardue.

That’s The Way I Want To Go ... not available.


The Churchmen is a bluegrass gospel group from Roanoke, Virginia.

Album released in 2008 on Pinecastle Records.


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