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Barry Scott & Second Wind CD - In God’s Time


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Barry Scott-guitar. Jason Leek-bass

Matthew Munsey-mandolin

Travis Houck-dobro

Zane Petty-banjo



Vince Gill, Kenny Smith, Ron Inscore, Andy Ruff, Aaron Till, Dale Perry

Jason Davis, Cassy Scott, James Jones and Joe Dean.



Take A Moment And Live was written by Lee Roy Abernathy.

The Only Thing That Matters was written by Barry Scott.

Is That The Lights Of Home was written by Dottie Rambo.

Oh What A Day ... not available.

In God’s Time was written by Barry Scott.

A Glorified Body was written by Agnes McLemore & James Poole.

When The Eagle Flies was written by Barry Scott.

On The Wings Of Angels was written by David Coffey & Eddie King.

Plan Of Salvation was written by Ruby Moody.

When He Comes Down was written by Barry Scott.

In That Land was written by Jason Leek.

Forever Contented was written by Barry Scott.

Have You Met My Friend was written by Barry Scott.

Living Daddy’s Dream was written by Barry Scott.


Barry Scott & Second Wind is a bluegrass group ... Kodak, Tennessee. Barry sang lead

with Doyle Lawson for several years. Barry also plays piano and is an excellent

songwriter. Several of the songs on this album were written by Barry.

This album was released in 2009 on Rebel Records.

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